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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide unequaled performance and value by creating loyalty amongst our labor force and vendors while providing exceptional construction services to owners, developers and general contractors. We will use our experience and financial strength to offer specialized services to the whole construction industry.


 Chris Kelly started as a Multifamily Construction Superintendent in the mid 1990's, was promoted to  Project Manager, Senior Project Manager, and eventually Vice President of Construction at Integrated Real Estate Group, a large Dallas-Fort Worth based real estate development firm.  He worked in that role for 10+ years.  With all of the difficulties a construction/development firm faces with subcontractors, Chris and the owner of Integrated Real Estate Group started an in-house company to perform various construction scopes to save cost and reduce liabilities. The company grew quickly and became a larger scale construction company that worked for owners, developers, and general contractors throughout Texas and southwestern USA.  Following his desire to return to his roots in the construction industry, Chris left Integrated Real Estate Group and founded Multicon Services LLC.  Chris continues to lead the company today as the President.

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